Recipes: Sweet Autumn Soup

December 4, 2018

Sweet Autumn Soup

1 packet Cream of Chicken Soup

1 packet Pumpkin Pie P/S

9 oz. of HOT, not boiling,


1/16 tsp sage

1/16 tsp cayenne pepper

1/16 tsp garlic powder

Add black pepper (optional)

1 oz. ground turkey 99% lean,

1% fat (or substitute 1oz diced cooked turkey)

1/2 cup fresh spinach (or substitute cup cooked or frozen)

1 tsp of olive oil

Instructions: Combine pudding/shake mix with cream of Chicken Soup into a medium size bowl. Add the dry spices and mix. Cook the ground turkey and the spinach with olive oil on a frying pan on medium heat (if using cooked spinach and/or turkey heat up prior to adding to the prepared soup). While the turkey and spinach cooks, add hot water to the dry ingredients. When the turkey and spinach are finished, add to the soup.

Nutrition Information per Recipe:

Calories – 270, Protein – 34g, Carbohydrate – 16g, Fat – 8.5g, Cholesterol-30mg, Sodium – 910mg, Fiber – 2g, Exchanges per Serving 0.5 Milk, 3 Lean Meat, 2 Vegetable