Weight Loss Services & Prices

Group Consultation

Interested, but not sure what we are all about? Call our office for a free 30-minute group chat and Q & A with Dr. Slutsker. You will learn about our philosophy, products, services, and fees. We can also check your weight and BMI. Seats are limited so call and reserve your seat today! These are held periodically, you can watch out social media also to see upcoming events.

Individual Initial 3-month program

The first visit will be a comprehensive medical exam by Dr. Slutsker, which includes a medical history, physical exam, blood pressure, body weight, BMI. This will also include your lipotropic injections, materials to start you on your weight loss journey and samples of our protein-enriched shakes as well as other supplies to help you stay on track. Blood work labs will be included in the 3 month package price and will be done on the first visit. It is important to Dr Liliya to treat the whole you. Obesity is a disease and will be treated as so, with the use of pharmacology. We have options available now to help you. If any medical issues are discovered with the lab work, Dr Liliya can be scheduled with for a medical visit and most of the time we can bill insurance. Weekly visits to measure weight, blood pressure, BMI and to get your included injection are part of this program fee. Also included are nutritional counseling, a meal plan structured specifically for you and a free app that will allow you to track progress, order recommended supplements, see recipes and even creates you a shopping list!

Maintenance Visits (After the 3-month Program) Monthly visit

A monthly checkup with Dr. Slutsker to address any questions or challenges/obstacles, refill medications, or change medications after your 3-month program may be scheduled as needed, and lipotropic injection is included.   

Lipotropic Injection (for Non-Program Clients )
Weight Loss Program patients

These injections contain amino acids (methionine, inositol, and choline) which aid in increasing your metabolism and energy. A combination of Vitamin B-Complex Injection is a great pick me up if you are feeling run down and fatigued. This is great weekly or as needed! Our formula is somewhat different from others you may have heard of. Call the office for any questions on this.  

Walk-Ins are welcome for these super shots!!  

Appetite or Herbal Supplements

To improve metabolism. Dispensed in office as warranted by the physician


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