February 15, 2018

Apple cider vinegar or alkaline water?
What to pick?
I was giving a talk about weight loss to a group of people and my main idea was – regardless what path you choose to lose weight, it will come to counting calories and being accountable for choices you made.
When I was answering the questions, two of them, one after another were about Apple Cider Vinegar weight loss diet and alkaline weight loss diet.
It was a little ironic: acid vs alkali.
And my answer was: no matter what you choose it is good, because you are contemplating to go on path of taking care of your health; but validity of both these FAD diets are at least questionable in the medical world.
However, eating acid appetizer prior to a meal, especially high glycemic meal, may help to reduce rising sugar level in the blood stream: a grapefruit, or salad with vinegar dressing (not commercial salad dressing which neutralized with sodium bicabonate or a salt solution).
The proposed mechanism for this effect is delayed gastric emptying, which is helpful.
Alkaline water supposedly helps slow the aging process, lose weight, fight cancer and make your bones stronger.
However, no scientific research can support any of this claims.
Out stomach juices are very acid: pH 2 or 3, and it has its purpose of digestion, killing bad germs which can get to the stomach, change iron to more absorbable form and to activate gastrointestinal enzymes;
In Vitro (laboratory studies) water with pH8.8 inactivates pepsin and possibly reduces acid reflux symptoms.
But if you will drink too much it may change your blood pH( your body will put all buffering resources to fight it), then you can have what we call metabolic alkalosis, symptoms of which includes nausea, vomiting, muscle twitching and confusion.
So, what to pick?
And my advice: what suits you more, but do not overdo it.

Yours in health,
Dr. Liliya Slutsker