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Lifts with Mint Threads

I believe that the newer threads are far superior to the original threads from a decade ago. Threads work by naturally stimulating collagen production. They can be used in conjunction with dermal fillers, lasers, ultrasound tightening, PRP, and microneedling. Monofilament threads, such as MINT threads, are among the most effective (and cost effective) threads available. The main advantage of threads is that they stimulate collagen and lift without adding volume (bulk) to the face and neck. As with all non-surgical procedures, patient selection is critical.

How does thread lifting work?

Neocollagenesis. In contrast to traditional ‘dermal fillers,’ which replace collagen with hyaluronic acid, this means stimulating your own collagen. Collagen begins to deteriorate with age in the mid-20s. Your skin will lose 40-50% of its collagen between the ages of 40 and 50. This causes wrinkles, elasticity loss, and dermal volume loss.

Threads perform in two ways. For starters, they can stimulate collagen production by inducing a low-grade inflammatory response in the deeper dermal layers. Patients who have a thread lift to stimulate collagen will notice a gradual improvement in the tone and firmness of their skin. The second mechanism provides tissue lifting. This is possible with more invasive thread lifting techniques that employ suspension or barbed threads.

What are the advantages

of treads over dermal fillers?

The main advantage of thread is that they have the ability to lift without adding volume– super important for treating areas such as the lower face, namely jowls, accordion lines, neck & the jawline areas.

In the context of facial aging, adding volume to areas that are already ‘heavy’ & sagging will result in greater bulk. Threads have the potential to lift without adding bulk. This is why I combine threads with energy devices such as HIFU (Ulthearpy), & RF Radiofrequency as these modalities provide tissue lifting in the deeper dermal, fibroseptal & SMAS layers. The use of controlled energy & collagen stimulation from threads gives a synergistic effect.

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